School Aged Immunisations - Parent feedback

The Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnerships Public Health Commissioning and Screening and Immunisation teams are carrying out a review of all the school aged immunisation programmes in GM. This includes the nasal flu vaccine in primary schools, and the HPV, MenACWY and Tetanus, Diptheria and Polio vaccines in secondary school. We are interested in getting feedback from parents on what they think about the current programmes. We would appreciate it if you could complete the following short survey.

1. What area is your child/children's school in?


2. Is your child/children's school primary or secondary?


3. Which category best describes the school(s) your child/children attend?


4. Do you feel you received enough information about vaccines offered in school?


5. Do you normally return the form agreeing for your child to receive all vaccines in school (consent form), or, if your child is not yet at the correct age, would you in the future?


If you answered no or maybe, what are your reasons for this?


6. Would you be happy to receive consent/permission forms electronically?


7. Would you be happy for your son/daughter to consent for themselves, if appropriate?


8. Would you prefer the option for your son or daughter to receive the vaccines at an alternative location, e.g. community clinics, GP practices etc?


9. Do you have any further comments?

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