Effects of Habitat Disturbance on Red Kites in Oxfordshire, UK.


1. Introduction
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This survey has been designed as part of an BSc Research Project into the effects of habitat disturbance on Red Kite hunting behaviour in Oxfordshire, UK.

The study aims to assess the extent to which different human-induced habitat disturbances (e.g. roads, farmland, urbanisation) alter the hunting behaviour of Red Kites; a species globally classified as near threatened by the International Union for Conversation of Nature (IUCN). The results will be used in a wider conservation context. 

This survey has been produced as a preliminary study; to help identify habitat disturbances and view points to be studied. Additionally, it will act as a supplementary data set, which uses the public's day-to-day observations of Red Kites within Oxfordshire.

All participants will remain anonymous with no sensitive personal data being required, as defined in UK law (Data Protection Act; General Data Protection Regulation).

The survey consists of a few, brief demographic questions (e.g. age, occupation), followed by questions regarding your personal day-to-day observations of Red Kites in Oxfordshire and lastly some questions regarding your personal views on Red Kites & their value. The survey is made up of 12 questions in total and should around 5-10 minutes.

Thank you in advance for you participance, if you require any further information regarding the study please feel free to contact Annie Soper (907889@swansea.ac.uk).
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