Have you been to a Feldenkrais class (ATM) or one-to-one in the past 2 years? Please help


1. You and your experience of Feldenkrais sessions
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We would love to hear what you think of Feldenkrais sessions
Please take part in this short survey from www.feldenkrais.co.uk (the Feldenkrais Guild in the UK) to help us learn more about your experiences of attending Feldenkrais sessions. 

We would love to hear from you if you have been to a Feldenkrais class (Awareness Through Movement) or received a one-to-one session (Functional Integration) at all over the past two years. It could have been in-person or online.

Feldenkrais trainees, students or practitioners can also fill this in if you have been to sessions within the past two years.

The questions will only take up to 5 minutes to complete and your answers remain confidential. See our full privacy statement at the end.

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You can enter into our free prize draw with an opportunity to win one of three Love2Shop e-gift card vouchers (1st prize is £30, 2nd is £10, 3rd is  £10), as thank you for considering or for answering the questions. They can be redeemed at countless high street chains and restaurants. To enter, please scroll through to the final question where you can leave your name and details.

Many thanks for your time,

Rebecca Meitlis (Chair) & Julie Wrigley (Secretary)
Feldenkrais Guild UK

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3. Please say which of these statements best matches your experience and views of online Feldenkrais sessions compared to in-person sessions. *


4. Which of these aspects of the online format for Feldenkrais do you enjoy? (Tick all that apply)

(Please skip the question if you have not attended online Feldenkrais.)


5. Which of these aspects of the online format do you not enjoy?
If you have not yet attended online Feldenkrais, please say which aspects you think you would not enjoy.
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