Conference 2020 - have your say


1. Traditionally we have held the conference in March, however this is a busy time of year for many, and other conferences are held during this month. We are therefore thinking of changing the month we hold it in. Which month is better for you?


2. With members from across the UK, we try to hold the conference at a central and accessible location. Which city is better for you to get to?


3. The theme of the 2020 conference will be’ Gaining buy in for change’. We aim to explore this from various aspects. Have you any areas of specific interest?


4. We aim to appeal to the needs of our diverse member base so we are keen to understand what your ideal conference comprise of. Please rank your preference of content?


5. We work hard to ensure you get value for the time and money you have invested in attending the conference. Given a 1600 finish time; what end of day activities would encourage you to stay until the end?


6. We would like to bring in specialists who can shed light on areas of interest raised by other CI groups; thereby creating a learning continuum. Are there any areas of interest you would like to learn about so you can feed this insight back to your network?


7. We make our annual awards during the conference. We are keen to get as many applications as possible as it is a great way to recognise success and to share examples of improvement in practice. Applications are free, so what would encourage you to apply?