AToM Feedback Survey


1. How do you find our new case system 'AToM Together'?


2. Have you used the free sourcing tool and how was it'?


3. Did you know about the free audit trail and each time a KFI is produced, it is stored in the documents folder and retained for future review?


4. Have you used / do you know about the free pre-populated lender application forms?


5. What improvements would you suggest to make 'AToM Together' more valuable to your business?


6. How do you find AToM's response times?


7. Which areas are we doing well in?


8. As a company where can we improve?


9. How informative do you find our email flyers?


10. What do other packagers do better than AToM?


11. Do you know about the lender onsite underwriters at AToM?


12. How knowledgeable do you find our consultants?


13. How competitive are AToM's fees in the market place (for the level of service we provide)?


14. Are there any lenders you would like to see on the AToM panel that are currently not?


15. Anything else you would like to see or for AToM to provide to help you and your customers?

Check out our survey templates or create your own.