Anti-bullying Survey


1. What year group are you in? *


2. Do you feel safe at school?


3. Do you feel safe on your way to and from school?


4. Have you ever witnessed bullying?


5. If yes, where did this happen?


6. If you have ever seen an incident have you ever offered help or support?


7. If not, what would have made you feel able to intervene or report the incident?


8. When do you think bullying happens?


9. Have you ever experienced being bullied?


10. How have you been bullied?


11. Did anyone help you at the time?


12. Did you tell anybody that you were being bullied or ask for any help?


13. Have you ever purposely excluded somebody from a social group?


14. Do you ever regret what you say to/about people online?


15. Have you ever thought about how you speak to/treat one another?
Do you ever consider the impact of something you might say or the way you might behave on others?


16. Did you know that there is an anti-bullying button on the school website?


17. Do you have any thoughts about how the college could be a more supportive environment where all students treat one another with respect?

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