South Norfolk and Broadland Business Survey 2020


1. What is the name of your business?


2. When was your business founded?


3. What is your main business activity?


4. Where is your business located? Would you best describe this as a rural or urban location?


5. Where does your business mainly operate from?


6. How many people does your business currently employ? Please state number of full-time and part-time employees (including yourself and any contractors)


7. What is your current business turnover? (per annum)


8. Is your turnover growing?


9. Approximately what percentage of your customer base is


10. Please indicate your business's views on the following statements -

Strongly disagreeDisagreeNeither agree nor disagreeAgreeStrongly agree
Transport links to and from place of work are difficult for our staff
I/we find it difficult to recruit staff
It is difficult to find appropriate training for our staff
If new staff relocate to the area it is difficult for them to find suitable housing
I/we would consider taking on an apprentice
I/we would offer work experience to a young person
I/we will take on additional staff in the next 12 months
Wellbeing of staff is important to the business

11. Brexit

Strongly disagreeDisagreeNeither agree nor disagreeAgreeStrongly agree
Brexit will affect my business positively in the next 12 months
Brexit will affect my business negatively in the next 12 months
Brexit will not affect my business in the next 12 months

12. Your current business Broadband connectivity...


13. If known, what is your average download speed in mbps? Please leave blank if not known
How reliable is your broadband service as percentage?


14. Have you tried to access any finance or funding during the last 12 months?


15. Have you had any business support from other organisations or consultants other than the Council? If yes, could you name them?


16. Do you plan to expand or relocate your business in the next 12 months?


17. Do you have plans to bring new products or services to the market?


18. Is there anything that prevents your business growing/expanding that is outside of your control?


Do you attend any national or international trade shows on a regular basis?


19. If you don’t already, would you value the opportunity to meet up regularly with other businesses in your sector and/or supply chain?


20. Does your business have ambitions to be more environmentally friendly?


21. Any other comments or suggestions you would like to make?


22. Data Protection

Let us keep in touch
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Let us help you
We would like to contact you about the specific assistance we can provide your business, as identified in the responses to the survey. If you consent to us making contact with you about this, please tick the box below.

Your rights
Under data protection law you have the right to be informed, request access to, rectification, restriction, data portability, or removal to the processing of your personal data, as detailed in our Privacy Policies (on our websites). You can contact the Councils’ Data Protection Officer at e) You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the regulator, the Information Commissioner’s Office.

I consentI do not consent
I agree to receive business communications by email from the Councils.
I consent to Broadland District and South Norfolk Councils making contact with me, using the personal data provided below
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