Criminal Justice System - Digital Forensic Survey

1. Introduction

We would like to you engage with you on behalf of the Home Office Future of Digital Forensics Programme to understand your experience of using digital forensic evidence within the Criminal Justice System which may help to inform our design and development of options for a new operating model for Digital Forensics across Policing in England and Wales.

A key part of this research is understanding digital forensic requirements and challenges experienced by bodies within the Criminal Justice System. We hope that by engaging with you to understand this we can align requirements and incorporate opportunities for improvement to contribute to the fair prosecution of offenders.

This survey seeks to understand some key themes around digital forensic evidence: usability, format, outcome, timeliness and process. It also provides a commentary section for more detailed responses.


1. My role/professional title is: *


2. How long have you been in your legal profession? *


3. Which part/s of the criminal court system do you typically work in? (e.g. magistrates' courts, Crown Court etc…) *


4. Do you typically undertake work for the prosecution or defence, or both? *


5. Do you typically undertake work for any specific type/s of crime (e.g. fraud, sexual offences etc...) *


6. What type/s of digital forensic evidence do you deal with the most (e.g. mobile phone data, computer data, Wi-Fi router download etc...)? *


7. What percentage of your cases rely on digital forensic evidence packages? *


8. Where do you get your information about digital forensics? *

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