Starting Well Partnership - School Health Nursing and ChatHealth Feedback

Thank you very much for taking the time to complete this survey.

The aim of the survey is to obtain your understanding, thoughts and feedback about the Public Health School Nursing and ChatHealth services available to all Young People aged 11-19 in Worcestershire.

Please note: that while your feedback and comments are really important in helping to shape the services delivered, there is no guarantee that any requests or suggestions for change will be actioned.

1. What School do you attend?


2. Have you heard of a school health nurse?


3. Do you know how to request/ access support from your school health nurse?


4. Would you make use of a lunchtime or after school to visit a school health nurse drop-in?


5. Would you find it helpful to be able to access a school health nurse during school holidays or in a setting outside of the school?


6. If you would benefit from accessing a school health nurse outside of school, what setting would you make use of?


7. If you wanted information about sexual health in general (e.g. relationships, contraception etc.) , where would you look?


8. Where would you most like to be able to get information and advice on sexual health, e.g. on relationships, contraception? (Please select up to FIVE)


9. Would you make use of a sexual health drop-in at school either at lunch time or after school?


10. Would you make use of online video chat to speak with a school health nurse?


11. What would you like from your school health nurse?


12. How would you like a school health nurse to communicate with you?


13. How would you like to be able to contact the school health nurse?


14. Do you think a 'School Health Bulletin' sent out regularly with health information and availability updates would be useful?


15. Have you ever received support from a school health nurse before?


16. If you have used the school health nurse service previously, would you use the service again in the future if required?


17. Would you recommend school health nurse support to your friends?


18. What barriers are stopping you from access the school health nurse?


19. What would make it easier for you to access the school health nurse service?


20. Have you heard of ChatHealth?


21. Do you know what ChatHealth is?


22. Have you accessed ChatHealth before?


23. ChatHealth is currently available between 9am - 4pm. Do you think the hours need to be extended?


24. Is there anything else you would like to add about the school health nursing / ChatHealth service?