Inter Faith Network for the UK - E-bulletin Survey 2022

The Inter Faith Network for the UK works to promote inter faith understanding and cooperation in the UK. Its e-bulletin is issued every two months, both via email and on the website.  It highlights primarily new developments, inter faith projects and future events.

We would very much value your views on the e-bulletin: which content you find most helpful; if its format suits your needs; and what might be improved.  We know that all our readers are very busy but it would be tremendously helpful if you could take 10 minutes to respond to the questions in this short survey. 

All questions but number 1 are voluntary and they are mostly tick-box style for ease of response.  For those who would like to add greater detail, there is space to do so. The free-text boxes will expand as you type. If you would like to stop at any point, please click the 'save and continue later' button at the bottom of the page.

Thank you in advance for your help!
About you
The first question in this survey is designed to help us understand who reads the e-bulletin and whether different types of reader value different aspects of it.

1. I receive the IFN e-bulletin as:

E-bulletin content
The following questions are designed to enable us to get an overview of the types of content within the e-bulletin that are (or would be) most highly valued.

2. Which of the following sections of IFN’s e-bulletin do you find most useful? Please select up to three sections.


3. Are there any other kinds of inter faith related topic or type of material that you would like to see in the e-bulletin?


4. Occasionally we post special pieces with a focus on particular issues, such as: faith and inter faith work on homelessness; the environment; or faith and sport.

Do you find such pieces interesting/useful?

How you use the e-bulletin
The questions in this section are designed to tell IFN a bit more about how you use and access the e-bulletin.

5. Which of the following best describe how you use the e-bulletin?

I usually:


6. If you are a contact for an Inter Faith Network member body, how do you use information from the e-bulletin? Please tick all that apply.


7. IFN currently provides the E-bulletin by sending an email with a link to IFN’s website where you can download the e-bulletin as a PDF document (and print it if you wish) and as a page on its website.

If you read the E-bulletin, which format do you use most often?


8. Thinking about reading the E-bulletin on a phone or tablet, which of the following best reflects your position:


9. The e-bulletin draws on information from a number of sources, including member bodies.

If you are the contact for a member body, which of the following would you say describes your experience? Please tick all that apply.


10. Thinking about the frequency of the e-bulletin, do you think the current bimonthly issue is:


11. Thinking about the length of the e-bulletin, do you think that it:

Other sources of useful information
The following questions will help IFN gain a better understanding of where else e-bulletin readers find useful information about inter faith initiatives, resources and projects.

12. In addition to the e-bulletin, IFN puts out more frequent updates on key issues through social media.

Do you follow IFN on any of the following channels?


13. Are there other sources from which you regularly gain inter faith news and information?

How useful is the e-bulletin to you and your work
One of the key purposes of the e-bulletin is to act as a resource to inter faith practitioners, helping them to find information and make connections that strengthen their work for good inter faith relations. The next couple of questions are designed to help us assess the extent to which the e-bulletin does this. If you are not directly involved in inter faith activity and access the e-bulletin as an interested individual, feel free to skip this section.

14. Does the e-bulletin help you to carry out your work?


15. How useful do you find the content of the e-bulletin overall?


16. Thinking back over the last year, do any particular e-bulletin items stand out for you as having been especially useful?


17. Thinking back over the last year, has the e-bulletin helped you to learn about or make contact with an inter faith organisation/initiative/resource you may not otherwise have come across?

And finally...

18. If you have any further comments on how we might improve or develop the e-bulletin, we would be very pleased to have these. You can add them here:

Thank you!

Data protection statement 
Answers which you provide in this survey will be drawn upon by the Inter Faith Network for the UK (IFN) for the purposes of developing and improving its communications, and for evaluating and reporting on its work.  Data may also be used for the wider purposes of promoting good inter faith relations in the UK. This survey is anonymous. If you enter any personal data into any of the free text response fields, this will be anonymised where responses to this survey are used as part of any external evaluation or reporting, or for the wider purposes noted above.

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