Employer Survey 2021/22

The responses you provide will be used for the purposes of evaluating the training and learning programmes you are involved with. Your responses will be seen by Nova Training and possibly shared with various Government funding agencies, who have an interest in monitoring the effectiveness of such programmes. All responses are confidential. By completing this questionnaire you are agreeing to the above
This survey is designed to give us feedback on how you feel about the service we are providing to your organisation and employee/s

1. My employees are acquiring the knowledge, skills and behaviours that they need for their chosen next steps... *


2. I am involved in my employees progress review and target setting and have the opportunity to feedback on my employees progress *


3. Nova Training works well and communicates clearly to ensure that there are good links between myself, my employee and Nova *


4. Nova Training regularly reviews my employee’s progress and plans for their future training needs *


5. Nova Training delivers training that is up to date, relevant and meets industry standards *


6. Nova Training is helping my employee to become an active member of the workplace *


7. I am made aware of the off the job training my employee has to do *


8. If yes, do you feel the training is suitable and complements your business needs? Please explain your answer.


9. Nova training has made me aware of my responsibilities to my employee under the equality act 2010 *


10. Would you recommend Nova Training to another employer? *


11. What does Nova Training do well? *


12. What could Nova Training do to improve? *


13. Do you have any further training needs that Nova Training can assist you with? *