Greater Cambridge Local Plan - the First Proposals


We've just published our First Proposals for the Greater Cambridge Local Plan. This plan will set out what is built where, how and why, over the next twenty years in Cambridge City and South Cambridgeshire.

Tell us if we've got it right so far.

This is a quick, anonymous questionnaire which covers some of the big issues and main sites. The full policies and site proposals that we are consulting on can be read in our Greater Cambridge Local Plan: First Proposals. We encourage you to read and comment on the full policy and site proposals using our digital platform. This includes if you represent a community group, landowner or statutory consultee, where you should register and use this detailed comment system, to ensure we can follow up with you if required. Read more about how to comment on this consultation.
Jobs and homes

We’ve got about 124,000 homes in Cambridge and South Cambridgeshire at the moment, and 37,000 more in the pipeline between now and 2041.

Our research suggests that we need to plan for another 11,000 homes during this period – an extra 550 per year on top of what already has planning permission or is in our current plans - because so many new jobs are being created in our area.

We think we should plan for these extra homes so that people who work here don't have to commute so far, and to keep house prices as affordable as we can. Read more about new jobs and homes.

1. Do you agree that we should plan for an extra 550 homes per year, so that new housing keeps up with the increase in jobs in our area?