Govanhill Trinity Church


1. Can you help us find a future for Trinity Church?
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In the heart of Govanhill stands the magnificent category B-Listed Trinity Church. Trinity Church on Daisy Street was built between 1878 and 1880 in the ‘Gothic Revival’ style popular at the time and many original features survive. It was used as a place of worship until 2015, and then as a community space and cafe. Sadly, the building was forced to close in 2018 due to safety concerns over old wiring.

There is a growing need for flexible community spaces in Govanhill. Glasgow Building Preservation Trust are working with Govanhill Community Development Trust, Community Renewal and Glasgow City Council to investigate if the building can be repaired and upgraded for use by the community. We want your help in understanding what the local community needs and would like to see in a new community resource. Your responses will be used to help the project team adapt the building for new user groups and will also be used in support of future applications to funders.

We are using a variety of methods to ensure this consultation is as accessible as possible to everyone, this survey is one of them. The survey is anonymous. Thank you very much for your help.