GrafMed was established to look at new approaches to wound care using new materials.

GrafMed are looking to capture the experience of people who have been affected by diabetic foot ulcers to help develop a working prototype of GrafMet Ryset.

What is GrafMed Ryset?
GrafMed Ryset is a new self changing insole material contained within a standard sock. The material uses graphene, which has been described as a new wonder material.  It is being developed to help prevent diabetic foot ulcers.
This unique product can be easily moulded to the user’s foot by a healthcare worker . Once fitted, the fabric changes shape with the user’s foot temperature so that it always remains comfortable and supportive.

Graphene works as an anti-microbial agent which may mean that this new product can be worn for extended periods of time. GrafMed are currently testing how long the sock can be worn for as well as its effectiveness with and without footwear.

It is anticipated that used GrafMed Ryset products can be returned to the manufacturer for deep-cleansing, recycling and reformation of the material.

Who can wear GrafMed Ryset?
People living with diabetes who have had a previous foot ulceration or have been told they are at risk of developing one.  This product can only be used on unbroken skin and is not suitable for open wounds.

Results from this survey will be used to help develop the proposed product. 


1. Would you consider the GrafMed Ryset as an alternative to the product you currently, or have previously been given?


2. Used GrafMed Ryset products can be returned to the manufacturer for deep-cleansing, recycling, and reformation of the material. Does this concern you?


3. How often do you change your usual socks, tights, or other hosiery product?


4. What matters most to you when considering a product to prevent diabetic foot ulcers. Please rank the following in order of importance (where 1 is most important, 4 is least important)


5. Do you have any further comments or questions about GrafMed Ryset?


6. Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your experience of using products to help treat or prevent diabetic foot ulcers.