Time at home

1. A little bit about your living situation


1. Which age range to you fit into? *


2. Do you currently own or rent the home you're living in? *


3. Which of the below best describes your normal (pre Covid-19) living situation? *


4. Please can you describe which best explains your current living situation as a result of the Covid-19 lockdown? *


5. Which best describes your type of home? *


6. Which best describes the type of area you live in? *


7. How many people do you currently have living in your home? *


8. How many generations are currently living in your home? *


9. Prior to Covid-19, which of the below best described your working situation *


10. If you have outdoor space, please let us know what best describes it *


11. If you're now working from home more, how well has your home coped with the change? *

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