Homophobia Biphobia Transphobia In Sport Survey

1. Homophobia Biphobia Transphobia In Sport Survey-introduction.
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This survey is anonymous and will take you around 5 minutes to complete.

The survey questions in this documentation have been devised by LGBT+ campaign organisation JUST A BALL GAME? http://www.justaballgame.co.uk/ supported by LGBT DORSET EQUALITY NETWORK  http://lgbtdorsetequality.network/lgbt-history-month-2020-network-announcement-on-launch-of-need-to-know-immigration-uk-information-website/
This survey is a follow up to the original survey conducted a decade ago.

Although much of the content is already known to those involved in challenging homophobia, biphobia, or transphobia  in sport, it was felt there was a need for concrete evidence to be provided for reference and usage when engaging with policy makers.
Documented evidence is of vital importance when raising issues and concerns to those involved in sport at NGB’s (National Governing Bodies), the Government's Equalities Office, along with media, education establishments, grass roots and professional participants who identify as both LGBT+ and non-LGBT.
Academics and a wider public in general may also have an interest in the industry and the issues raised in this survey.

Privacy policy statement: http://www.justaballgame.co.uk/privacy-statement

1. Which gender do you identify as?


2. What is your sexual orientation?


3. Do you play a sport or take part in a leisure activity?


4. Which sport or leisure activity do you play? Please state.


5. Do you take part in a sport or leisure activity as an individual or as a team member? Please state.


6. Do you take part in sport or a leisure activity as a player, manager, coach, official, administrator or none? Please state.


7. Do you attend sport or a leisure activity on a regular basis as a spectator?


8. Which sport or leisure activity do you attend? Please state.


9. Is your team/club/group an LGBT+ club/group?


10. Are you, or is your team, club/group a member of a local/national league/ organisation or association/national governing body? Please state.

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