NEW Carers Health and Wellbeing Survey 2024


1. Please give your name, and email address or phone number: *


2. Coping
How well do you feel you are coping with being a carer?
Zero: you are not coping well at all. Ten: you feel that you are coping very well with being a carer. *


3. Self-Care
How happy are you with your own self-care? (e.g. health and fitness, friends, socialising, own wellbeing).
Zero: you feel that you are not looking after yourself very well at all. Ten: you feel that you look after yourself very well. *


4. Rights
As a carer, how well do you know your rights?
Zero: you do not know your rights at all. Ten: you know your rights very well. *


5. Services/Support
How well do you feel supported from services and people around you?
Zero: you do not feel supported at all.  Ten: you feel well supported. *


6. Future
How confident are you about your future?
Zero: you are not confident at all. Ten: you are very confident about your future. *

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