A study of the audience fandom of the TV Show: The Big Bang Theory

1. Do you consent to knowing that your responses may be included in an assignment that the student conducting this project will be submitting for assessment as part of their degree? *


2. What is your opinion on the TV show The Big Bang Theory and why? *


3. Do you identify with any of the characters in The Big Bang Theory – if so, who and why, or why not? *


4. What appeals to you most about the TV show The Big Bang Theory? *


5. Have you watched Young Sheldon – if so, what is your opinion on it? If not, why not? *


6. To what extent are you interested in science – has this changed since watching The Big Bang Theory? Please give details. *


7. How do you feel about science fiction and fantasy conventions – have you attended any, if so which ones? What do you get out of them? *


8. Are you a fan of any other media franchises? Please give details. *


9. In your opinion, how does The Big Bang Theory compare to other TV shows that you have watched? *


10. Do you engage with fan communities of The Big Bang Theory, if so - what sort of activities do you do?

(Common fan activities might include: quoting the show or using catchphrases such as ‘Bazinga’, writing or reading fan fiction, engaging with online communities such as social media or meme pages etc. This list is not exhaustive, and you should feel free to include anything else that you do as well) *


11. What is your opinion on the ending of the The Big Bang Theory and how did you respond to it? *

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