Find volunteers

We’re a small team in Co-op trialling a volunteering service called Lend a hand.

We want to help people find the volunteers they need.

You can fill in this form to tell us about your volunteering opportunity if it:
  • benefits the community
  • does not need volunteers to be Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checked
  • does not need volunteers to make a long term commitment 
  • does not need volunteers to have specific skills
We’ll then show the opportunity on our website and help you attract volunteers.

1. Lend a hand event or activity name (15 words max)

For example: Lend a hand at our wildflower planting day or Lend a hand with creating our playroom for disabled children *


2. Give one sentence that encourages people to volunteer at your event or activity (20 words max)

For example: Join others and have fun creating a wildflower garden *


3. Give a personal quote that explains how your event or activity will benefit the community (25 words max)

For example: “We’re transforming this neglected space so that everyone in the community can enjoy a safe place to sit, relax or play” *


4. Describe your event or activity (100 words max)

Let people know more about the event or activity.

Tell us:
  • who can volunteer – for example: young, old, experienced, not experienced
  • what people need to bring and wear
  • what equipment or refreshments you’ll provide


5. Describe the tasks you need help with (50 words max)

For example: making tea and coffee, tidying up after the event, weeding the beds *


6. Date and time

Give the date and time of your event or activity. Make sure you include the times when volunteers are needed.

For example: Monday 6 May, 3pm to 5pm *


7. Number of volunteers needed

Give the maximum number of volunteers you need. If there is no maximum, please enter ‘Any’ *


8. Where is the event or activity taking place?

Make sure you include a postcode

For example: Stretford Public Hall, Stretford, Manchester M32 0LG *


9. Event or activity photo
  • Upload a good quality photo that shows your event or activity
  • Make sure you get permission from any people in the image
A photo is important in persuading people to take part.

If you do not have a good quality photo, you can download a free image from the Pexels or Unsplash websites onto your device.

You’ll then need to upload it to this form.

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