Neighbourhood Plan Refresh and CIL Project Spend

1. Melton Neighbourhood Plan Refresh
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The Melton Neighbourhood Plan (NP) is two years old and various changes in circumstances and local issues means that we need to look at refreshing some of the policies. You can find more information about this at the website The questions will help us clarify residents’ opinions on the changes we need to make.

In conjunction with the refresh of the Melton NP, Melton Parish Council is inviting residents to share their views on what Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) projects the Council should undertake in the next few years.

Thank you for your time completing this survey.

1. Public Transport
Under the current policy MEL 4 we do not include the encouragement of any new Community Transport Schemes. Do you think this should be included:


2. Village Hall/Pavilion
The current policy MEL9 is very specific about plans for a Village Hall only. We propose to change the policy so that it is broader and includes options for rebuilding and possibly re-siting the Pavilion instead. Do you agree with this change?


3. Protected Green Space
The current policy MEL12 does not include the former Bowling Green and Cricket Ground at St Audry’s. We propose to include these areas and would welcome feedback from residents about other green spaces that may have been missed initially. Do you agree with this inclusion?


4. Houseboats
The current policy MEL15 only covers ‘residential’ moorings. We propose to re-word this policy to include ‘commercial’ boats. The main reason being that the Deben Bar on HMS Vale was given planning permission for a new permanent mooring because it was a commercial enterprise. Do you agree with this change? *


5. Deben Mill
We think that the current policy MEL20 does not give enough protection to the remaining green space in this development. We will look at rewording it to include more protection of any remaining green area so that even if parking is added it can’t be in a permanent structure, but instead open and with appropriate landscaping. Do you agree?


6. Land off Wilford Bridge Road (Carter Warburg site)
This site allocation is covered by policy MEL 21. Development has not started yet and we are in discussions with the various landowners to try and get all the community benefits that the NP policy covers. We propose to add a new point about the need for a Net Biodiversity Gain on site, including planting of new trees, protection of hedgerows etc. We will seek advice from Suffolk Wildlife Trust on this. Do you agree? *


7. We propose to add a new policy that requires a Construction Management Plan for all developments and references things such as noise especially in built up areas. Do you agree? *


8. We propose to add a new policy which encourages renewable energy – small, local windfarms, solar energy fields. Do you agree? *


9. We propose to add a new policy which encourages Energy Efficient development – building materials used, eco energy generating devices installed etc? Do you agree? *


10. We propose a new policy on Green Infrastructure - Development proposals should seek to maintain and enhance the connectivity of all green corridors where possible. Identify opportunities for new tree and woodland planting in the parish and protection of hedges etc. Do you think this is a good idea? *

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