Request for ICT equipment to support home learning (January 2021)

1. Please read carefully

Please complete this Smart Survey if you wish to request ICT equipment to support remote learning at home. 

You only need to complete 1 survey request for your family. 

Please note that a request does not guarantee you ICT equipment. We will do all we can to help and support, but resources are limited therefore we can only provide one piece of equipment per family to share between siblings. 

Please note that this piece of equipment remains the property of the school and is just on loan during the lock down period and until school re opens. You will need to sign for and take full responsibility of this piece of equipment whilst it is in your care. 

This equipment is for the sole purpose of enabling children to access remote learning and should not be used for any other purpose. If ICT equipment is distributed and children are found not to be accessing online learning, the school reserves the right to request its return so it can be given to another family that needs it.

1. Please can you state your children / children's names and the class groups they are in.


2. Please can you confirm you have access to the internet at home


3. We can not guarantee what type of equipment you may receive (eg, chrome book, lap top or ipad). We will try to take into account what type of equipment might be most appropriate for your child / children. But if you have a preference please state it here.


4. For speed of allocation and communication, please state the best email address to contact you on so that we can provide further information about allocation.