Parental Survey 2021/22

The responses you provide will be used for the purposes of evaluating the training and learning programmes you are involved with. Your responses will be seen by Nova training and Government funding agencies, who all have an interest in monitoring the effectiveness of such programmes. All responses are confidential. By completing this questionnaire you are agreeing to the above
This survey is designed to give us feedback on how you feel about the service we are providing to your son or daughter.

1. What programme of study is your child on at Nova Training? *


2. If applicable, which Nova Training Centre does your child attend?


3. If on an apprenticeship, what vocational subject is your child studying?


4. The course/programme meets my child's needs




5. My child receives the support they need to help them to complete their course or programme




6. My child is treated fairly by Nova staff




7. Nova Training responds well to any concerns I have




8. Teachers give my child regular helpful feedback about their work and how well they are doing *


9. Do you feel your son/daughter is aware of safeguarding issues and how to keep themselves safe from things like radicalisation, extremism and grooming? *


10. I would recommend Nova Training provider to another parent, carer or learner




11. Overall, I am satisfied with the service and education Nova Training provide.


12. If you would like someone to contact you to discuss your feedback please provide your child's name, and your contact details below.