Anaemia management after Hip Fracture Surgery

Anaemia management in patients with hip fracture.
This survey is designed to outline current opinion and practice in managing anaemia after admission to hospital with fractured hip in the UK. Your answers will help us to design future work and research within this area.
It has been sent to Geriatricians, Perioperative Physicians, Orthopaedic Surgeons and Anaesthetists.

Thank you for providing information about current practices in your hospital.

1. Do you have a local guideline or policy for the management of anaemia after a fractured hip?


2. Do you have an ERAS (enhanced recovery) bundle that includes management of anaemia after a fractured hip?


3. Does your unit routinely use any of the following for patients after fractured hip?

Yes, this is part of a guidelineOccasionally on an individual basisNoUnknown
Oral iron
B12 injection
Folate prescription
Intravenous Iron
Intramuscular Iron
EPO (erythropoietin)

4. If you use IV iron, what product and dose are you prescribing?

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