Parental Questionnaire


1. Parents participating in this survey are agreeing to provide information. Any responses you provide will be anonymised so that neither the school nor other parents will know which answer is yours.


2. Please provide your name and your child's class name (optional)


3. Did you have a parental consultation call ?


4. Did you find the session with your child's teacher useful?


5. Were you able to ask all the questions you wanted during the session?


6. If not, please let us know what else you would have liked to have asked?


7. Is there anything you would like us to do differently if we had to have these sessions again?


8. How well do you think your child has settled back into school since the start of September 2020?


9. Do you have any concerns about your child's wellbeing?


10. Has your child had to self isolate since the start of the year?


11. How easy has it been to access the home schooling material?


12. Is there any thing the school can do to help you access the learning

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