Your Lifestyle Questionnaire


1. Are you trying to eat healthier?


2. How much do you spend on Vitamins / Supplements?


3. Do you enjoy preparing and cooking meals?


How much do you spend on food shopping for your household every week?


4. List in order your most frequent cooking style?


5. How important is eliminating the following from your meals?

VeryFairlyNot important
Processed Spices with animal products

6. Would you agree that eating food prepared and cooked through the above methods can affect how you LOOK, how you FEEL and how long you LIVE?


7. Please tick any of the following diet related health concerns in your family / household?


8. Inasmuch as your health is important, it is inasmuch important as to how you source, how you prepare, how you cook and where you cook your food. Would you agree?


9. What would be your biggest health concern in the future?


10. If you had a 90day health goal, what would it be?


11. Would you be interested in attending our ONLINE CLASSES and learn how to cook for a CURE, eliminating the root causes of the above-mentioned diseases?


12. What time is best for you during the week?
6pm start is only for SUNDAYS *


13. How did you know about Simba's Foods? If you received a flyer please write the booking code at the bottom of the flyer.


14. Please provide us with your contact details: *

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