UK Families - Smart Steps to Australia SURVEY CLOSED

1. Smart Steps to Australia

If you're considering a move to Australia (or are in the process of applying), then I'd love your input in this survey which will help me plan my new migration business, Smart Steps to Australia. You can find out more at Smart Steps to Australia Follow me on social media at: Instagram Facebook Thanks so much! And please feel free to share the link with your friends. FOR EVERY 50 RESPONSES I RECEIVE, I WILL DRAW OUT ONE NAME AT RANDOM TO WIN A COPY OF LONELY PLANET AUSTRALIA. (Winners will be contacted via email and must respond within five days or another winner will be drawn. Winners must live in the UK and be eligible for free delivery) Closing date 1st September 2016

1. What is your first name?


2. What is your email address so I can keep you up to date when my site launches?
(I promise not to spam you with lots of messages and will keep your data safe. If you prefer not to receive emails from me, please leave this blank).


3. Why are you considering a move to Australia? (Enter as many as are applicable)


4. What stage are you at in the migration process?


5. What is holding you back (or if you've since made the decision to migrate and are underway with your visa application - what things concerned you when you first started thinking about leaving the UK)? (Select as many as are applicable)


6. What information would help you make the decision about whether to move your family to Australia? (Or if you're already in the application process, what info would have helped you make a decision faster)? (Select as many as are applicable)


7. What scares you the most about leaving the UK? Rank your fears in order, where 10 is the most scared and 1 is the least.


8. How many years have you been considering the move to Australia (or if you're in the process, how many years did you debate about it before starting the application)?


9. What has most influenced your decision about wanting to move?


10. Where do you hang out online? (Choose all applicable)


11. How do you prefer to digest information?


12. What magazines do you read?

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