Universal Bus Service - Survey 2019

The Universal Bus service has now been running for 3 years and we’re keen to understand your views on the current service and how it might be improved in the future.

The bus service is subsidised by the University of Cambridge and operated by Go-Whippet.
If you currently use, have previously used, or would like to use the Universal Bus, please fill in this survey to give your feedback. All respondents will have the chance to win £100! The survey will be open until 19th January 2020.

We will also be undertaking some focus groups with students before Christmas and staff in the New Year to discuss the Universal bus service in more detail. If you would like to sign up to take part, please provide your contact details where requested (at the end of the survey).

The survey and focus group findings will help guide the future development of the service.
If you would like to make any further comments about the service, please email t

Thank you for your time.

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