Construction Industry Bulletin Feedback Survey


1. Select which type of user persona best describes yourself


2. How often do you refer to the monthly construction bulletin?


3. When you load up the bulletin, are you looking to read specific sections?


4. Score the following sections on how useful you find them: (0 meaning you don't find it useful at all, and 5 meaning yo find it a very useful read)

12345I don't read this section
Main Points
Coronavirus impact on construction
Growth rates
Contributions to growth
Month-on-month construction growth
Three month-on-three-month Construction Growth
Measuring the data

5. To what extent do you agree with the following statements

Strongly DisagreeDisagreeNeither agree or disagreeAgreeStrongly agree
I am able to obtain the necessary information from the monthly ONS Construction Output bulletin relatively quickly
The structure of the ONS Construction Output bulletin makes it easy to navigate to the information I require
The level of analysis in the monthly ONS Construction Output bulletin meets my requirements
The level of economic commentary in the monthly ONS Construction Output bulletin meets my requirements
I would prefer more charts and tables in the monthly ONS Construction Output bulletin than economic commentary
I never read the monthly ONS Construction Output bulletin. I go straight to the data tables to obtain the data I need for my analysis
The coronavirus pandemic has been explained sufficiently in the recent monthly ONS Construction Output bulletins
The length of the bulletin is good and provides all the information I would want

6. At any point did you find the bulletin repetitive?


7. Did you find all the data presentation techniques useful?


8. If you have any queries relating to construction statistics, do you get in touch with the team?


9. If you previously got in touch with the construction team regarding a query about construction statistics, did you receive a comprehensive response in a timely manner?


10. If there's any specific feedback you'd like to leave, or any useful additions you think we could add, please use the comment box below to let us know and thankyou for completing the survey

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