All Call Trades - Call for Help


1. Welcome to the All Call Trades Project - it's great that you've reached out for help and we'll do our best to help. Before we get started, please take a moment to read these brief instructions to make the process faster and efficient:

1. You can self nominate, or nominate someone else – an individual, family or community group

2. We try to keep a broad mind about the reasons causing poor wellbeing and mental health and will consider every story sent in to us. However, we do not have limitless resources and will, of course prioritise very vulnerable people and situations where the nature of the building work or repair is having a big impact on health and safety and quality of life for them. Therefore, please provide as clear and full information as you can to help us match you to the appropriate trades people quickly.

3. The trades people offering their time and support are all voluntary individuals from the community who give their time freely. Wellbeing in Action do not employ, conduct in-depth vetting, DBS checking or take any other form of responsibility for their behaviour, conduct or workmanship. We provide a matching service and trades people will contact you individually to discuss the job and will advise you what is needed and if there may be any costs or considerations that are not covered by the scheme. It is for the individual person to make their usual checks into the trades person's suitability, insurance or their suitability for the job, in the normal way of booking any trades person to undertake a job within a private home. All our trades people are happy for you to make whatever checks you need before agreeing to them starting the work.

4. As the nominating person, if you are supporting a vulnerable person who may not be capable of making decisions and entering into agreements with trades people, we will ask you in this form if you will undertake this role yourself, or if there is another person the trades person should communicate with.

5. Many jobs are simple tasks that can be responded to very quickly - for example, clearing clearing an overgrown garden of weeds and brambles, or painting a bathroom - and these low level DIY tasks may be signposted to our social action volunteer team. If this is the case, we will let you, or the person needing the help, know and our volunteers will attend the job wearing a Wellbeing in Action t-shirt, hoodie or badge for ID. They will be DBS checked and have had an induction about appropriate behaviour when in people's homes and will follow our health and safety procedures.

6. You may also make a larger project request which might need more than one trades person over a longer period of time - for example revamping a community centre for elderly or disabled people, or a refuge for women and children. We are happy to receive these requests and will place them before our Trustees and panel of trades people but we can only support so many projects as
resources available in each year. We will respond to all requests and, even if we can't help, we may be able to signpost you to other organisations, or to provide your own group with some suggestions for starting your own social action project or crowdfunding approaches. We will get in touch to discuss this, but please be patient as we do receive lots of requests.

7. We reserve the right to report to the appropriate authorities, any fraudulent abuse of the scheme or deliberate supply of false information which takes advantage of vulnerable people for personal gain.

8. Any recipient of support through the scheme will be invited to take part in our Good Karma 'pay it forward' pledge. We will make suggestions of simple acts of kindness that people can use to show their appreciation, in their own way and to their own level of capability. *