WCHG Community Grants Online Application

Section 1 - Contact Details
To be completed by all organisations/groups/schemes

1. Contact Details *


2. Is the organisation/group/scheme a voluntary/community/not-for-profit making organisation?


3. What are the main objectives of the organisation/group/scheme?


4. Which areas of Wythenshawe does your project cover?


5. Please indicate the number of members in your organisation/group/scheme


6. Is the organisation registered with the Charity Commission? Please tick


7. Please provide a description of the project or activity for which you require grant funding


8. Will the project or activity positively contribute to Wythenshawe in any of the following ways? Tick all that apply


9. How will your project or activity benefit residents living in Wythenshawe?


10. What is the total cost of the project or activity you are planning?


11. How much grant funding are you requesting from Wythenshawe Community Housing Group? (Grants are available between £200 - £2,500 per application)


12. Are you receiving income from any other sources for the project? If you are a new group please provide projected income.


13. Has your group done any fundraising of its own? If you are a new group how do you intend to fund raise?


14. Does your group charge membership or weekly fees,


15. What are your group’s running costs? If you are a new group please provide projected running costs.


16. How do you intend to use the money you are applying for? Please use the following table to provide a breakdown of how the money will be spent and where you are getting funding for that item/activity by putting a tick in either ‘WCHG’ or ‘Other’ column on the
table below

Item / ActivityCostFunded by WCHGFunded by other
Total Cost

17. How will you publicise the grant from Wythenshawe Community Housing Group?


18. Does your organisation have a nominated Chair, Secretary and Treasurer?


19. If yes, please provide their contact details

NamePosition in GroupAddressTelephone

20. Do you, or any members of your group, work for Wythenshawe Community Housing Group or are you
related to any member of staff or board member of Wythenshawe Community Housing Group?


21. In the space below, please provide any further relevant detail that you feel maybe useful for the panel,
when reviewing your application.