GMB Midland & East Coast: Young Workers Survey 2021!


1. Your Name:


2. Age


3. Gender


4. Race/Ethnicity


5. Workplace


6. Job Title/occupation


7. E-mail address


8. Your email address


9. Telephone number


10. Are you a GMB role holder?


11. Do you feel confident enough to raise issues that affect you in work without support?


12. Is there a forum at work that is dedicated to addressing young workers issues?


13. If yes, what is it?


14. Do you attend?


15. Does it meet your needs at work?


16. What are the key issues for you as a young worker – name up to 5 in order of priority


17. Have you had any issues relating to your age at work?


If yes, can you tell us more?


18. Did you receive support on this issue?


19. if Yes, from who?


20. Were you happy with your support?


21. Did you achieve a satisfactory outcome?


22. GMB is developing its Regional Young workers Network to organise and support our Young members. Are you happy for us to stay in touch with you via:


23. We know our members have an abundance of skills and experience. Would you like to get involved in supporting and building Young Workers network?

We are holding our first online event for Young Workers on 29th April 2021 6:30 pm. We would love to see you there so please look out for further updates.
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