Education, Health and Care Plan - e​valuation for children and young people


1. Introduction
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This is the Education, Health and Care plan ​e​valuation form for children and young people. This form is to get your ​views on your plan and the meetings around your plan.

​It is really important to hear your views about this, as it is your plan and your meeting.Th​is online form is just one option for you to use to give us your views. You can give your answers to the questions in whatever way works best for you - in writing, pictures in a video clip or any other way you'd like to.

If you would like more help, please contact:
The Participation Team
The Moor Lane Centre
Moor Lane
KT9 2AA or 020 8547 6215 / 6521

This survey was produced in partnership with the SEND Champions.