Research and innovation in Wales

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Please answer questions using no more than 500 words per question. You are welcome to provide additional prior published evidence should you feel it relevant and appropriate.

Question 1. How can future support for Government-led investment and support for research and innovation in Wales be aligned with the requirements of the Well-being of the Future Generations Act (2015)? What link should there be between the WFG Act (2015) requirements and the economic and industrial strategy of the Welsh and UK Governments?


Question 2. What can be done by the Welsh Government, Welsh universities and the private sector to increase the competitiveness of the research and innovation landscape in Wales, thereby increasing the attractiveness of Wales as a place to undertake research and innovation and attract inward investment and investors from outside Wales, both in academia and in industry?


Question 3. What can be done by the Welsh Government, business and universities to increase research and innovation income in Wales in the light of the implications of BREXIT and the increased funding announced in the 2016 Autumn Statement and UK Government’s 2017 Budget, the Global Challenge Fund and other, opportunistic Government funding opportunities?


Question 4. What is the optimum balance between (a) geographically focused use of funding and (b) focus of funding on existing research and innovation excellence and capability, bearing in mind the Cabinet Secretary for Economy and Infrastructure’s new regional approach to economic development?