Developing the Our Voice Integration Network


1. Mapping Engagement Practices in Integration of Health and Social Care
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  • Do you have a role in public engagement in health and social care?
  • Do you want to share experiences and learn with others?
  • The Our Voice Integration Network is launching in Glasgow, Dundee and Inverness.
Complete this survey to have your say in developing the network.

Our Voice has been engaging with staff working across the NHS and Health and Social Care Partnerships and with public representatives on integrated structures to explore emerging public engagement mechanisms and practices.  While it is recognised that there are many examples of good practice in participation, it was also highlighted that these are not often shared.  It was recognised by both staff and public representatives that there is value in developing a network to foster sharing and learning from experience.

The Our Voice Integration Network will seek to support people working in public engagement roles across health and social care and members of the public in representative roles across the various decision making bodies.  The network will provide the opportunity for face-to-face meetings in addition to an online forum to promote learning and for the sharing of good practice in public engagement across Scotland. 

The network will be launched with a series of events in October and November where participants will have the opportunity to come together and share good practice from within their locality and to learn from other areas.   An event for public representatives will be held in Glasgow on 20th October (for more information contact  Events for staff with engagement roles across HSCPs will be held in Glasgow, Dundee and Inverness; dates to be confirmed (for more information contact

Please complete the following questions to help inform the content of these events and ensure the greatest value in supporting your work.
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We hope you have the time to complete this short questionnaire to help us shape the Our Voice Integration Network into a useful resource.