Playtime Survey


1. How important do you think playtime is for your child? *


2. Currently, how much does your child enjoy their school playtimes? (feel free to ask them!)


3. Thinking about your own childhood, what type of things do you remember playing as a child both at school and in and around your home environment? *


4. Did you benefit as a child from your play experiences?


5. If yes, please tell us how (for example what skills did you gain or how did it help you develop as a child) *


6. Do you feel your own child has the same play opportunities to play outdoors as you did?


7. If no, why not? *


8. If you could do something to address this, would you?


9. If school could improve the play opportunities they offer, what types of things would you like to see and why? *


10. Any other comments?

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