Think, Act, Report Members Sign-up 2016

Think, Act, Report Members sign-up 2016

From April 2017 onwards the Government expects larger companies to publish their gender pay gap and gender bonus gap, however we are supporting all businesses who are big enough to produce a statistically viable figure to do this (e.g. 50+ employees).

The Think, Act, Report initiative forms a key part of that support, helping businesses tackle the underlying causes of the gender pay gap. Think, Act, Report is free to join and provides a simple step by step framework for building gender equality into your business planning for recruitment, retention, promotion and pay. It also connects you to a large community of best practise, representing organisations of all sizes and sectors across Britain.

Think, Act, Report encourages businesses to:

1) Think – about how to advance gender equality in the workplace by providing a menu of different metrics for assessing the challenges.

2) Act – where the need for action is identified.

3) Report – publically (for example on your company’s intranet and website) on the steps being taken, to share your progress and inspire other organisations. Signing up now, will help you prepare for mandatory reporting in April 2017 and beyond.

The information you provide here will be kept securely on a database. It is for our office to use anonymously in providing information on how organisations and the Government are preparing for mandatory reporting in April 2017. Thank you

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