Charity Commission Guidance for Charities Working Internationally
1. How aware are you of the Charity Commission's guidance for charities working internationally?
All survey responses are anonymous and will be used to help us develop and improve our guidance.

1. Have you read any of the following key guidance from the Charity Commission? (To view the guidance, please click on the relevant title and it will open in a new window) *

Yes - within last 12 monthsYes - more than 12 months agoNot sureNo
The Essential Trustee (CC3)
Internal financial controls for charities (CC8)
Checklist - Internal financial controls for charities
It's your decision: charity trustees and decision making (CC27)
Charities: how to manage risks when working internationally
How to report a serious incident
Regulatory alert: Warning charities against the use of cash couriers (Feb 2017)
Regulatory alert: Terrorism Act (Sept 2015)

2. How would you rate your knowledge of the following key legal duties and responsibilities? Please also tell us if you have used our guidance on each subject within the last year or two years. *

Not very good, needs to improveAverageNot SureGoodExcellentI have used Commission guidance on this subject in the last yearI have used Commission guidance on this subject in the last two years
Your six key trustee duties
Assessing the risks to your charity's work
Due diligence when using partner agencies internationally
Safeguarding your charity's beneficiaries, especially vulnerable groups
Monitoring and verifying the end use of funds when working internationally
Holding, moving and receiving funds safely when working internationally
Reporting requirements for terrorist financing offences, bribery and other serious incidents

3. One of the Charity Commission’s key pieces of guidance with useful advice for charities working internationally is the Compliance Toolkit which is designed to help charities protect themselves from harm. It is comprised of five chapters and some practical tools. Please select the statement that best applies to you.  *

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