Meeting British community in Bulgaria

1. The British Embassy in Sofia is seeking to understand more about the views of British nationals in Bulgaria.

We would like to hear from British nationals who live in Bulgaria: if they wish to meet with Embassy representatives and discuss topics that they are interested in.

1. Are you a British National? *


2. How long have you lived in Bulgaria? *


3. On average how much time do you spend in Bulgaria per year? *


4. In which municipality do you live? *


5. Have you registered with the Bulgarian authorities?


6. How would you describe your communication with the local authorities in Bulgaria? *


7. What, if any, are the main issues you have encountered as a resident in Bulgaria? e.g. registration (business and/or personal), taxation obligations (business and/or personal), healthcare access, interpretation or translation difficulties *


8. We are planning some regional events with the British community in Bulgaria in early 2018.

What topics would be of most relevance to you for discussion? *


9. Please choose the most convenient place you will be happy to travel to meet us.