National Schools Music Education Audit 2017


1. Introduction and Data Statement

This is the 2016-17 audit for music education in schools. The survey is managed by the Regional Music Hubs for the Eastern Region under a formal data agreement between the local authorities and hubs in the region. This ensures the security and where required the anonymity of the data provided. The information provided is used in these ways: - where a school indicates it in the survey, for your local hub only to communicate specifically with a school about particular areas of development in which it is interested - for your local hub to provide the mandatory annual national return information that is required by the Department of Education via the Arts Council of England - for your local hub to identify its needs analysis for the local area through analysis of data and anonymised summaries; hubs have ongoing discussions based on this with many partners including performing ensembles, school improvement boards or similar school representative groups, OFSTED, Arts Council, national music education bodies. No specific data about schools is shared - ever! - for the regional hubs research group to explore anonymised summaries and identify areas of development of practice or emerging themes for music. If you have any questions about this survey and its use please contact your local music education hub in the first instance. Completing the survey requires access in school to identify: - class sizes and statistical information such as gender, SEN, Pupil Premium access - music tuition lists - music assessment information - registers of school ensemble participation - school diary including arts events that are external visits or visits to schools - Artsmark and Arts award information If you have all the information to hand completing the survey should take about 20 minutes. You can save your survey at any point and return to it later. If you would like to download the questions so that you can prepare in advance please do so from this link [insert link]. Please complete as much of the audit as you can so that the summarised information for the Department of Education is as accurate as possible. Please do not use estimates, if you do not know the answer please leave blank. The survey covers a;; music activity that takes place in school whether provided internally, by visiting professionals or in collaboration with organisations.

1. Please enter the full name of your school.  This is only used to ensure hubs receive responses from all schools and to respond to that school if it requests particular information in the questions. *


2. So that we can distinguish between schools with different names, please provide either your school DFE number if you know it, or your full postcode if you do not. *


3. Please provide a contact email address should we need to reach you about your responses: *


4. Please give the name of the lead person completing the survey (in case of query) *

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