Fertility Preservation Referral


1. Funding Criteria - for your information. Click next page to begin referral.

All information provided will be confidential under information governance

Please note: Some CCG fund upto age of 42 years (female patient only) and the length of time for stored gametes differs from CCG to CCG (please check with us for NHS treatment). Please be aware that this criteria does not apply to ovarian tissue preservation and will be assessed on an individual basis.

Please feel free to contact our admin team on 020 7188 2300 or the fertility preservation coordinator directly on 020 7188 7188 ext. 50426, or email ivffertilitypreservation@gstt.nhs.uk or gst-tr.fertilitypreservation@nhs.net (secure NHS.net email).

If you have any medical query, please email us at fertilitypreservationnurses@gstt.nhs.uk