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1. Build Up Black Men - Exercise Your Way to Physical and Mental Health.

Build up Black Men is a FREE community led support group for Black African/Caribbean Men.

We use exercise to help improve the physical and mental well-being of our participants.

This survey will help us to better understand you and your needs and wants, so that we can deliver an effective programme for you.

1. Name *


2. What's your age range? *


3. Are you of Black African/Caribbean heritage?


4. Where in Lewisham do you live? *


5. Occupational Status *


6. Do you work or study inside or outside of Lewisham? *


7. Do you have any children? *


8. Do you currently suffer from any mental illnesses? *


9. Have you ever suffered from any mental illnesses? *


10. Are you currently a member of any men’s support groups? *


11. Have you ever been a member of any men’s support groups? *


12. Do you participate in any sports/physical activities? *


13. Do you exercise to help manage your mental health? *


14. Would you attend an exercise group to provide mental and emotional support specifically for black men? *


15. What is your preferred days/times to attend the group exercise sessions?

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