Tiredness (fatigue) information survey

Welcome to Macmillan's survey about our information on tiredness (fatigue).
We are reviewing our information about tiredness (fatigue), and would love to get your views to help us make it better.  
We think it will take you 5 to 10 minutes to complete the survey, depending on the detail you include. We suggest you fill it in when you have finished reading our information. 
The survey is anonymous and you won't be asked for any personal contact details or sensitive information. Macmillan will keep your answers secure and only use them to improve our cancer information.

We're really grateful for any help you can give us. And remember, we're always here for you if you need our support. 

Please note: we will consider all feedback when reviewing our cancer information, but not all suggestions can always be taken on board. We aim to make sure that our information gives a general overview of the topic and is relevant for as many people as possible.