Together Trust 150 anniversary - community feedback

We are Together Trust. We’re here to champion the rights, needs and ambitions of the people we support and their families. We deliver our life-changing services to over 3,700 people with disabilities, autism and social, emotional and mental health difficulties. 

In 2020 we'll be celebrating our 150th anniversary and we'd love to get your feedback. 

1. Do you think it's important for charities to celebrate their anniversaries?


2. Have you heard of any of the following organisations? (please tick all that apply)


3. If yes, can you tell us how you have heard of them (for example you live in the area, know someone who has used any of the services)


4. Do you live locally (within five miles) of Together Trust?


5. Would you be interested to find out more about Together Trust's history?


6. If yes, in what ways would you like to engage with our heritage?


7. Would you like to be involved in our celebrations? If so please include your contact details

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