The Boating Community in Oxfordshire- your voice on health and social care

1. Boaters and Bargees access to health and social care

Healthwatch Oxfordshire  want to hear from the boating and Bargee community about what its like for you or your family to access and use health and social care services in Oxfordshire....that's GPs, hospitals, dentists, pharmacies, mental health, physiotherapy, care at home and all other types of NHS care and support!  Tell us what it is like and what could be better? What we hear from you will be used to tell those who plan and pay for NHS support, what you think, and to help improve things. Healthwatch Oxfordshire is an INDEPENDENT watchdog for health and social care- we are there to help make sure the voice of people who use health services is heard.  If you would like to have a chance to win a £30 VOUCHER for taking part don't forget to leave your contact details at the end of the survey!
If its easier to fill the survey in on-line, follow this link to complete it:


1. This survey is anonymous. This means you don't have to say who you are. Healthwatch Oxfordshire do make use of people's comments in reports or on our website- we aim to try and make a difference by representing your views. We need to know if you are happy for your anonymous comments to be used in this way.


2. About you
Tell us...are you? (Tick any that apply to you)


3. Where if anywhere do you have your post delivered to?


4. Have you ever faced any challenges in accessing health or social care support?


5. If you have faced challenges accessing the health and social care support you need, what in your opinion are the main reasons?


6. Are you registered with a GP now?


7. Have you faced any difficulties registering with a GP?
If you have, tell us more about this and why this was


8. If you are registered with a GP, how do they communicate with you?


9. If you are not registered with a GP tell us where you turn for healthcare support when you need it? (Tick any that apply to you)


10. In the last year have you used any of the following?


11. If you are currently receiving support for your health or social care needs in Oxfordshire how do you make sure you continue to have this support if you are travelling out of county?


12. The NHS provides the following free screening for specific groups and health conditions:
Please tick the box if you or one of your family members living on your boat have had one of these. (for more info see )


13. If you are eligible for any of the free screening tests but have not accessed them, tell us why this has been?


14. When you are travelling out of Oxfordshire how do you access health and social care support you need?


15. What 3 things in your opinion present the biggest challenges facing boaters accessing health and social care support?


16. What three improvements do you suggest to help boaters access health and social care services more easily?


17. Is there anything that makes it difficult for you to stay healthy when living on a boat? If so, tell us about this


18. Have you ever accessed support for your mental health in Oxfordshire?


19. Can you tell us the name of the mental health support service(s) you used?


20. Please tell us more about your experience of using mental health support services


21. Did you find the support you received helpful?


22. Tell us what could be improved about the mental health support you received?


23. Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your experience as a boater or Bargee trying to access health or social care support in Oxfordshire?


24. Are you?


25. Please tell us your age


26. Please tell us your ethnicity


27. To have a chance to win a £30 VOUCHER please leave your contact details below. This will be only used for this purpose and we will not keep your details.