Intellectual Property Education, Learning, Teaching and Training survey

Intellectual Property Education, Learning, Teaching and Training Survey

The purpose of the survey is to gather insights (both positive and negative) from entities interested in improving their understanding and appreciation of intellectual property as well as to gather insights from individuals or entities (training companies, IP firms, IP consultancy firms, IP offices, law schools etc) who provide IP education & training of any sort and in any format and using any delivery mechanism.
The survey is open to anyone interested in this important subject matter to participate and it is free.
Anyone who participates will receive an anonymised report on the findings (provided they make their contact details available).
A high level anonymised report will be published later in 2021.
If the exercise is successful, it is planned to repeat the survey on an annual or biennial basis to be able to identify changes and trends when it comes to IP education.

Although throughout all the questions within this survey we use the word ‘education’, we are interested in getting your thoughts on IP education, IP learning, IP teaching and IP training which is what we mean when we use the word ‘education’. IP education is the process of learning IP related facts, concepts and theories while IP training is about how to apply those IP related facts, concepts and theories. IP teaching is the process of imparting IP related information and knowledge while IP learning is about gaining IP knowledge by studying, being taught and/or experiencing.”

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