St David Awards

St David Awards 2023: Nomination form

1. Who are you nominating?
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Explain how your nominee has made a significant contribution in their award category. Give as much detail as possible, referring to the helper text below each question or the ‘About the awards’ section of this website.

Who are you nominating?
Nominee – the person or group you are nominating: *


Please choose a relevant category for your nominee.
Refer to the guidance below for definitions. *

  • Bravery: Awarded to those who have demonstrated remarkable courageous behaviour or character; doing what is right in difficult situations. This may entail simple fearlessness or physical bravery and involves acting in spite of possible harm to one’s self.
  • Business: Awarded to those who have achieved remarkable success in business. This may include the creation of meaningful employment for oneself and others.
  • Community Spirit: Intended for people in Wales who have worked to improve their local community or communities across Wales on an ongoing basis.
  • Critical Worker (Key Worker): For an individual, team or group in Wales who have made an outstanding contribution to the fight against coronavirus and have gone that extra mile to support the people of Wales during the coronavirus pandemic. See definition of critical worker.
  • Culture: For those in, or from Wales who have excelled in the arts and other forms of cultural achievement, expressed in any art form, language or medium. This can include, but is not limited to, those who may have succeeded in putting Wales on the world stage.
  • Environment Champion: Awarded to a person or group who have made an outstanding contribution to improving their environment, either locally, Wales-wide or internationally.
  • Innovation, Science and Technology: Intended for those who have developed techniques or solutions that meet new requirements and who have provided effective products, processes, services, technologies, or ideas that are available to society at large.
  • Sport: For an individual, team or group in Wales who have achieved or helped achieve excellence in the field of sport on a national or international level.
  • Young Person: This award will be given to an exceptional and inspirational young person or group of up to 19 years of age in any field in Wales.
  • First Minister's Special Award: The personal gift of the First Minister – you cannot nominate for it directly. It could reflect collective as well as individual achievement. The recipient may be selected from one of the other award winners or may be selected independently of them.

Describe the person or group you are nominating. (100 words maximum)
E.g. Who are they? Where are they from? What is their character and/or nature of their daily life/work? *

  • Paint a picture of the person or group in order that those involved in the judging process can understand exactly who they are before reading in the next section about why what they’ve done is worthy of being considered for a national award
  • Even if the person you are nominating is well-known, you must write down what it is they do and what they have achieved. Don't assume that those involved in the judging process will already know.

Why are you nominating them?
Explain why what they have done is worthy of a St David Award. (700 words maximum)
E.g. How exceptional was their behaviour? What have the consequences of their actions been? *

  • Give good examples and explain how your nominee has achieved success. Saying; “John Smith has raised a lot of money for the charity” will not be enough, try “John Smith organised a charity 5k run in the village and acquired the support of well-known local sponsors. His efforts raised £5,000 for the charity”.
  • Give as many facts that you’re aware of or can find online. Feel free to use bullet-pointed lists as opposed to full sentences if you are nearing the maximum word count.

Background links (optional)
Include web links to examples of the work or activities of the nominee here.
These can be news articles, company websites, online photo albums, fundraising pages, videos or social media pages.