Evidence to support the HFMA response to the DHSC's pension consultation

1. Introduction

The current consultation on NHS pensions states that ‘there is evidence that high-earning clinicians, particularly consultants and GPs, are managing their annual allowance tax liability by reducing their workload, turning down extra responsibilities and/or retiring early.’ This is having an adverse impact on service delivery. As a result, the proposals are targeted at clinicians who are both:
  • registered health care professionals and
  • can demonstrate a reasonable expectation that their prospective NHS commitments would result in pension growth exceeding their annual allowance.
Among other questions, the consultation asks whether the proposals should be made available to other categories of staff or all staff working in the NHS. It is asking for evidence to support any response.

This survey is intended to provide us with evidence to frame our response as a representative body of staff who do not fall into the target group.

These questions are about you as an individual – they are completely anonymous and we will not be able to follow up on your responses. If you would like to contribute towards our response to the consultation or comment on our draft response please contact debbie.paterson@hfma.org.uk

The survey will close on Monday 7 October.

1. The consultation states that clinicians are taking action as a result of this issue but there is no evidence that other staff groups are doing the same. We would like to know whether our members are taking similar action.

I have already done thisI am considering doing this
Not applied for a promotion
Not taken a pay rise
Reduced working hours
Left the NHS pension scheme
Taken early retirement
Left the NHS to work elsewhere

2. Which agenda for change (or equivalent) pay band are you in?


3. Are you a member of the NHS pension scheme?


4. If you are not a member of the NHS pension scheme, is this because


5. If you were given the flexibility around your pension contributions, would you consider taking that flexibility?


6. Do you have any views on the proposals that you would like us to include in our response?


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