Finding out how you feel about Gloucestershire Youth Support Team


1. Introduction
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• Please tell the truth – we really want to know what you think. • You don’t have to put your name on this survey • If you do want your name on the survey, your worker won’t read it. You can say what you want. • What you say, helps us make a better service for everyone.

1. Name (if you want to)


2. Age *


3. Gender *


4. Ethnicity (e.g. Asian, Black British, White British) *


5. Who do you work with in Gloucestershire Youth Support Team? (your workers name) *


6. Are 'we' (you and your worker) working together on the right things? *


7. What is working well? *


8. What can we do better? *


9. How would you rate the support you have received? *


10. Are we helping you to get what you need? *


11. Are we supporting you to get there at the right pace (not too fast and not too slow)? *


12. Write down three words that describe your relationship with your worker (it could be how you feel when you are with your worker, how you get along, how safe it feels). *

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