eBooks survey

1. Macmillan eBook survey

Thank you for taking part in our survey. We are trying to find out how people use our eBooks, so we can improve them. Your feedback will help us plan information for people living with cancer in the future. The survey is anonymous and you won't be asked for any personal contact details. And remember, we are always here for you if you need our support.

1. What device do you use to read eBooks? (tick all that apply)


2. How easy was it to find and download the eBook you want?


3. When using an eBook, please tell us how important the following elements are to you (tick all that apply)


4. On the device that you use for eBooks, what is your internet connectivity like?


5. How long have you been using your current device?


6. How many eBooks (not just Macmillan titles) have you read in the last 12 months?


7. Are you able to watch videos on the device you use to read eBooks, and would you find these useful?


8. Our eBooks contain links within them to other pages/sections of the same eBook (internal links). They also contain links to other websites (external links – these require internet connectivity).

Did you use any internal or external links? Did you find these useful? And how easy was it to navigate through the eBook?


9. How did you find out about Macmillan's eBooks?


10. Would you download a Macmillan eBook again?


11. Which of the following best describes your situation? (tick all that apply)


12. What is your age?