Summer 2021 Youth Provision


1. What is your name?


What is your email address?


2. Where did you hear about our Summer Programme?


3. Which provision did your child/children attend?


4. Please tell us your child’s age?


5. What gender is your child?


6. Does your child attend the Youth Club held at New Images Community Centre?


7. How did you find our booking system?


8. This question applies to the Playscheme Only

Do you like to book sessions in advance or would you like us to return to a first come first served basis?


9. Have you seen a positive change in your child's wellbeing due to attending one of our provisions?


10. This question applies to Playscheme Only

What did your child enjoy most about the Playscheme?


11. As part of our summer programme we provided a free healthy lunch (not on all activities). Did your child enjoy the food that was provided?


12. Did you child feel safe and supported by our summer scheme staff?


13. Thank you for completing this questionnaire, to help us plan for future schemes, enhance and improve our services and gain further funding. We would appreciate any suggestions or feedback from your child on what other activities they would like to take part in.

Please enter any suggestions or feedback below.

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